MODIV Speaks: Episode 1
MODIV Speaks: Episode 1

Jamila Oden, Owner and Founder of Oden Counseling

You may have missed the news: AM Insights is now MODIV. And because of that, we’re changing the name of our podcast, too. You can expect MODIV Speaks to be the same great content as before but with a stronger focus on how the human condition intersects with strategy and media.

This month, we’re taking a look at New Year’s resolutions (and the subsequent industry around them). Now that January has come and gone, many people have ditched their resolutions as fast as you can say “discounted Valentine’s Day chocolate.” That’s why we’re talking about what happens after the resolution on this month’s podcast episode with Jamila Oden, MEd, LPC, owner of Oden Counseling.

In this episode, we dive deep into the nitty gritty of making new habits and sticking to New Year’s resolutions. In our conversation, you’ll learn the psychology behind making lasting changes and the resources you can use to do so. You’ll also discover some of the thought leaders in the self-improvement space, as well as the common narratives of the self-improvement genre.



0:53 – People have been making and (breaking) resolutions for a long time.
2:44 – The psychology of change.
3:40 – “Not all bad habits are bad.”
5:24 – Getting curious and withholding judgment.
6:46 – Paying the price for unhelpful habits.
8:18 – When therapy can help.
9:25 – B.F. Skinner and the science of behavior.
13:00 – The “Treat Yo’ Self” mentality.
14:22 – Fitness resolutions are only part of the picture.
17:18 – Developing the goals that fit your life.
20:14 – Applying the change.
23:30 – The people and social media accounts doing it right.
28:30 – You’re never alone.
29:30 – Find and follow Jamila Oden.

Further reading and exploring from the episode:

The History Behind the Common New Year’s Resolution by Olivia B. WaxmanBullet JournalingMaking Sense podcast by Sam HarrisBrené BrownBrené Brown: The Call to CourageAcceptance and Commitment TherapyTen Percent Happier podcast by Dan HarrisThe Happiness Trap by Russ HarrisOden Counseling on Facebook

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